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Return to Writing


I was pleasantly surprised to realize it has only been a year and a half since my last post, and thanks to the wonders of the internet, my blog address still exists.  If you are reading as a past follower (all five of you, God Bless You) or as a new reader I thank you from the very bottom of my heart!

This blog was started to capture the challenges of living as a Type One Diabetic and as free therapy.  That will still be true, but this blog will take different directions in the coming months.  There are a few simple reasons for the return of my blog that I think it is important you understand:

  1. I have been looking for good books about raising brothers or raising opposite siblings, or just surviving as a boy mom.  I haven’t read exactly what I need, so I hope that one phrase or one sentence that I write might be the encouragement someone else needs.  Writing is my therapy and hopefully my mothering skills will improve due to my honest confessions and reflections.  Maybe one of you girly girls with small boys at  your feet might  not feel so alone.
  2. Every semester in my job as an instructor at our local community college, I spend time talking with my students about writing down their goals and having a plan to accomplish them.  Two of my goals for a very long time have been to have an article published in a well-read magazine and to publish a children’s book.  One of these goals is closer to completion than the other and I need to be writing for a public audience to help make both goals come to fruition.
  3. My Weight Watchers Coach suggested I find a way to deal with my stress and emotions that keeps me out of the kitchen.

I have been writing and look forward to blog publishing on the following topics.  I am a helper by nature and would love to know that something I wrote (experienced, thought, felt, prayed about and then published) helped someone in some small way.  If you know someone who might benefit from following me, I would appreciate you sharing.  Here are topics for the Fall:

  • Brothers, raising boys, being a Boy Mom and having no idea what I am doing
  • Raising opposites
  • Dysgraphia and how to help your child with dysgraphia
  • Friendship
  • Living life in an attempt to produce good, happy, productive people and not go crazy in the process
  • Education, teaching, schools and my wishes & dreams for opening my own school
  • Type One Diabetes and my thoughts and reflections on 25 years strong

Thank you so much for sharing part of your day with me.  I would LOVE to know your accomplishments or thoughts or ideas on any of the above topics and look forward to reading your comments!