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Happy Halloween to All My Sugar Free Friends!


I was diagnosed with Type One when I was twelve, so skipping the candy part of Halloween was not horrible. I still dressed up and enjoyed the festivities and passed my loot onto others. Today, my heart aches for all those little ones who will enjoy just one piece of candy after a finger prick and extra unit of insulin. But it is just not candy coated holidays that make me think of all these little ones….I think of them every morning when I kiss my boys, every day I send my little one to school, every night when I tuck them in. The constant stress that parents of Type One Diabetics endure is not seen or heard but is in every decision they make. The middle of the night blood sugar checks, the arrangements for school events and activities and snacks and meals, the sporting events and kid activities that can plummet a blood sugar so fast no one knows what is happening. Once a week I read about a child’s life taken too soon because of Type One. This disease is not fair, is not right, does not attack those who have earned it. This disease does not let its victims have a week or a day or an hour of vacation.

I apologize for the depressing blog. I wish you all and your families a safe and fun Halloween and time to enjoy the lovely Fall weather! So, that is what is on my heart today. Those children whose lives were forever changed with a Type One diagnosis. The children who get excited about costumes and festivals and not about testing their blood sugar, keytones or A1C. The children who grow up to be adults who would enjoy an hour or a day or a week of not having to think about their blood sugar. This blog has been a bit of a blur. I am emotional and worn out and hoping my little one will nap today so I can curl up on the couch with a good book.

So, if you know anyone who is willing to part with any of their candy, send them to Tulsa Braces at 45th & Harvard for a fabulous benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It is because of JDRF that there will be a cure one day!

It’s time for the Great Sweet Swap!

From November 1st through 3rd, 8am-5pm at TulsaBraces!

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Go trick or treating.

2. Trade your leftover candy for prizes and cash!

3. And, enter to win one of the grand prizes!

For every pound of candy you collect, $1 goes to you, $1 goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!


Reality Check


Today was a fabulous family day!  We love Fall and our time outside with the boys.   Love the crisp air, the changing leaves, all the blessings of the season.  The boys enjoy every minute outside and their time in the fresh air makes them better brothers, seriously!  Which in turn makes our family time so enjoyable.  Thankful for Fall and for family.  So, so grateful!

Today was also a reality check day.  It was a crazy morning with early risers, a garage sale, an unexpected pump change, daily morning life including soccer, laundry, picking up the house for a USNA interview Jeff held at home this afternoon.  There is no excuse, just reality.  I forgot to take my “magic” pills.  Magic because it doesn’t seem like a big deal to take them, but the way I feel when I miss the dose is ridiculous.  I have been on a prescription for my under active thyroid for almost a year and on a nice, healthy dose of an antidepressant for six months (I was on a much smaller dose to deal with postpartum and following that).  Not something I shared a year ago or six months ago, but so therapeutic for me to at least blog about freely now.  I have never resented the fact that I have to take insulin to live.  Have to.  Every single day.  But the idea of needing these other pills to make me feel like I have the energy just to keep up are still taking a little getting used to.

So, my 7am pills were taken today at 1pm and I am still trying to feel “normal” if that is a possibility.  I have taken some sort of pill every single morning for the past 11 years, so it is part of my day.  Not a big deal, until I forget.  So, I am reminded today that checking my blood sugar and keeping my pump working AND taking my little magic pills are all necessary.  I am not ok without them.  Sometimes I feel like I have been doing these things for so long and wonder really and truly how my body would function without any of it.   Dumb, I know.  Not logical, not reasonable, but still a question I have.  Until days like today when 13 hours after missing my meds I still feel completely off, shaky, scattered, unbalanced.  I took a much-needed nap, but woke up with an unexplained low blood sugar feeling worse than I did before the sleep.  So counterproductive!  After a glass of milk and some other carb (which I cannot remember now or then) and thirty minutes of wanting the updates on football scores and having the urgent need to try to clean out the pantry and cook dinner and treat the low simutaneoulsy….gotta love what a  blood sugar of 54 does to your brain.  So, no more questioning.  I appreciate my doctor’s orders.  I am thankful for the medication that my body obviously needs.

So, my meds are all in their little boxes for the next week where they should be.  And, tomorrow at not a minute past 7am I will take my vitamin and little magic pills.  And, they will make me feel as normal as is currently possible.  And, I will remain grateful to the advances in medicine so that I can be a thirty-something with two healthy boys and twenty years of a terrible, chronic illness under my belt and try not to worry about the daily dose of pills and the zillion units of insulin that lets me maintain my blessed life.

Happy Fall to all my medicated and non-medicated readers.  I am grateful for your place in my life!