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Avoiding the Highs and Lows


Anyone who knows a Type I diabetic knows how easily high and low blood sugars can occur.  It is part of the balancing act of insulin, food, activity, emotions and more.  Low blood sugars make you feel out of control yet ready to conquer the world.  You shake and sweat and your tongue goes numb.  Treating the low properly, you can avoid a high.  Overtreat the low or mess up on your calculation or eat too much or get sick or stress out and your blood sugar spikes, goes high.  Then, you  feel ready to take a nap yet afraid you might not wake up.  A high blood sugar makes you feel tired and stiff and unmotivated and increases your sense of smell and your ability to snap.  Here I will share how I am trying to avoid the highs and lows of blood sugars and dealing with a chronic illness.


What am I doing?


There comes a time in every person’s life where what they are doing just isn’t working anymore.  And, I have come to that point in my diabetes care.  As a Mom of two I am facing challenges that I have never faced before: finding the time and energy to properly care for my Type I diabetes.  These challenges have led to more health problems, but I am here to report that I am in the driver’s seat.  After nearly 20 years with Type I diabetes I am admitting that I need help, admitting that I do not have it all together.  I appreciate the opportunity to write and publish and hope that my story will help someone else!

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